The government of Colombia places an emphasis on economic development through Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), which are considered as one of the top priorities in the current Santo’s administration. To further concretize, ‘STI Strategy Plan 2010-2014’ has been established in accordance with ‘Vision 2019’ and ‘National Development Plan 2010-2014 (Prosperity for All)’. The aim is to push ahead with the development and establishment of regional science technology and innovation parks for sustainable development and build innovation capacity for strengthening competitiveness.

Nevertheless there lie challenges for issues such as: capacity building of STI policy planning, national R&D investment allocation, human resources development for STI, and strengthening regional innovation actors (universities, research institutes and firms) and industry-academia-research linkages.
The Colombia project division at STEPI-IICC was assigned to establish master plan for capacity building of STI parks in Colombia by cooperating with Colombian counterparts. STI parks are to be established in three regions: Bogota, Bucaramanga and Palmira, which will strengthen their innovation capacity to function as focal points of regional innovation development. The project will also suggest establishment of industry-university cooperation agency for sustainable regional development and for management and operation of STI parks. Furthermore, the project will provide a plan for establishment and operation of a national research institute and think-tank for STI policy in Colombia.

It is believed that Korean experience of such rapid economic development can provide useful implications to contribute to solving socioeconomic challenges in Colombia. Successful planning and development of science and technology parks provided foundation for advancement of science and technology in Korea. With such background, Korea can assist Colombia in developing strategies for science and technology capacity building.