On 14th April 2014, STEPI and Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology (SAST)-Shanghai Industry Technology Institute (SITI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in STEPI to establish cooperation network for science and technology policy research in order to enhance industrial innovation capacity. Both parties have agreed to cooperate in STI policies and high tech industries such as ICT, energy, biotechnology etc. so that they can contribute to STI advancement of each nation. In particular, they have agreed to establish ‘STEPI-SAST-SITI Global Innovation Center’ in Seoul and Shanghai which can act as a platform for STI cooperation. Consequently, STEPI- IICC will host the Seoul center. To discuss follow-up measures of implementation of MoU, STEPI and SAST held a joint seminar on 1st August in STEPI. The seminar started with the representative of SAST who presented the development plan of Shanghai Industry Technology Institute (SITI) which was recently established in SAST to enhance industry capacity, followed by a presentation by Dr. Deok Soon Yim from STEPI-IICC who presented on innovation cluster for creating creative industries. Afterwards, possible cooperation methods were discussed and the Councilor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China commented that merging specialties from both institutions: STI Policy and technology commercialization was important for effective and sustainable cooperation.