On 7th August, STEPI-IICC hosted the 1st Science and Technology ODA Forum. The Forum aims to contribute to development of Korea’s ODA policy by establishing an effective long-term S&T ODA policy through sharing experience of S&T ODA projects carried out by different institutes. As the very first forum in this field, it signaled the need to cohesively gather information on current S&T ODA projects that are performed in Korea in order to effectively provide ODA to developing countries within the limited budget.

The forum consisted of three lectures and one discussion session. Lectures covered various topics such as “S&T ODA Policy Status of the South Korean Government” which was presented in the context of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “S&T ODA Projects” by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and IICC. Moreover in the discussion session, S&T ODA experts made valuable contributions to the framework of the upcoming forum.

The forum was proved to be a great success where it provided a platform and valuable opportunity for top notch academics, government policy makers and professional in industrial sector to actively interact and exchange information about existing S&T ODA policies and projects of Korea.

The forum is to be hosted bimonthly and it is expected that active participation, fruitful discussion and joint efforts in the forum will help map out the pathway to a better S&T ODA policy and effective projects accordingly.