Dr. Gisella Orjeda, the President of CONCYTEC, National Council of Science and Technology of Peru paid a visit to discuss the possible cooperation plans with STEPI-IICC. National strategy for the development of STI, “Crear para Crecer” (Create to Grow) is currently being promoted and supported by CONCYTEC and it needs detailed plan to meet the mission. Dr. Orjeda expressed her wishes to have closer relationship with STEPI as both CONCYTEC and STEPI share the similar purpose; moreover, STEPI has wide experience of carrying out studies that were actually implemented as policies.
There have been major transformations in CONCYTEC since Dr. Orjeda took the position; creation of a whole department that is equivalent to STEPI, named “Research and Studies” is one of achievements. CONCYTEC has just finished 4 studies concerning obstacles to science and technology which include hiring human resources, purchasing facilities, how to induce young people into S&T career, how to work with different areas of Peru as well as different Ministries. Dr. Orjeda showed a particular interest in sharing Korean experience on national and regional development plans, and forming a business model for Technology Park that is to be established in Peru.