H.E. Demeke Mekonnen Hassen, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia visited STEPI on 2nd December during his visit to Korea. His Excellency mentioned that it has been a successful visit so far through which he was able to directly witness Korea’s remarkable economic growth.

He emphasized on the special relationship between Korean and Ethiopia that dates back to Korean War where Ethiopia joined as allies. Realizing and continuing this particular relationship is important for both countries, not only on government level but on grass-root level through active student exchange etc.

With the economy emerging, it is also time for Ethiopia to manage its economy and transform at the same time. The current Prime Minister of Ethiopia has achieved a lot since his post and he perceives Korea as the number one benchmarking country. His Excellency further added that Ethiopian government officials are amazed at Korea’s achievement in the last 50 years and their motto is to learn from Korea’s past and contextualize to Ethiopia’s status.

Since Ethiopia is a populous country, it needs to focus on developing and enhancing the quality of human resources. His Excellency showed a particular interest in Korean S&T human resources policy which played a critical role in providing essential manpower for industries. He also expressed that he has high expectation from STEPI for its’ various cooperation projects and especially emphasized that STEPI’s guidance is crucial for the ‘Advancement of science and technology institutes’ as well as other universities in Ethiopia.