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Highlights: Global Innovation through Korea-China S&T Cooperation

Since the establishment of Global Innovation Center Shanghai –Seoul (GICS), STEPI, Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology (SAST) and Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute (SITI) have been closely working together on developing a global innovation model. Many international firms and research institutes are based in Shanghai; moreover with an annual R&D budget of 5 trillion won which is equivalent to 30% of Korean government’s R&D budget, Shanghai is recognized a leading global innovation city.

GICS was created in order to serve as a platform for global innovation and take a step towards “creative economy” which is promoted by Korean government. In particular, SAST and SITI are focusing on fundamental R&D and technology commercialization and GICS is expected to become a hub for innovation entities from both Korea and China in order to commercialize their research results.

Recently GICS developed a B2G model and introduced robotic technology to discover robots that comply with policy demands from Shanghai. On March 11th, a public rehearsal on robotic technology developed by KIST was presented at SITI where both parties positively expressed their willingness to cooperate in the near future on developing various business models. Shanghai Municipality is especially interested in educational robots, advertising robots and robots that care for the elderly which have high market potential.

GICS will continuously develop and concretize its platform to facilitate innovation cooperation based on Korea-China innovation value chain. Furthermore, Korea-China STI Forum will be held regularly and exchange of researchers between STEPI and SAST-SITI as well as discovering joint projects will be discussed in the near future.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter