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STEPI and Beijing Municipal Science Technology Commission jointly host third Korea-China the Capital Economy Region Innovation Cooperation Forum


“STEPI shared experience on technical innovation based innovation cluster and discussed ways to development.”

On April 22nd, STEPI co-hosted the third Korea-China the Capital Economy Region Innovation Cooperation Forum at International Convention Center in Beijing, China. Experts in science technical innovation from Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Incheon, Beijing, Hebei, and Tianjin gathered together at the forum. They shared an experience on major innovation cluster in Capital Economy Region and discussed ways to build and develop a system to promote innovation cooperation between both nations’ Capital Economy Region.

The integration of China’s Capital Economy Region is a new strategy. As a capital area of China, this region is a key player of technical innovation in China as well as the center of economics and politics.

A formation of economic region with 100 million people and a trillion USD is the core factor of ‘New Urbanization Plan’ which is the number one priority project promoted by the Xi Jinping administration. Intensifying unbalanced development while the income level of each city is high, and a limited growth possibility of Beijing was the reason why China adopted multi regional development strategy other than the usual province level strategy.

As the most important project of the Xi Jinping administration, investment on infrastructure and relocation of industries are being executed on a large scale since the implementation of Capital Economy Region development plan. Proactive action is therefore inevitable for Korean government that integrative approach considering geographical and functional similarity between Seoul-Beijing, Gyeonggido-Hebei Province, and Incheon-Tianjin is needed.

Until now, cooperation of science and technology between Korea and China was mostly on national level through formal events. But the Korea-China the Capital Economy Region Innovation Cooperation Forum was conducted in bottom-up style which STEPI, Seoul Business Agency, Incheon Free Economic Zone, and GSTEP played the main role at the start.

From the view point of the Forum, China’s Capital Economy Region strategy means a lot to Korea. China tries to generate much bigger synergy from integration of three regions where considerable technical innovation capacity already exists. Significant proportion of Korea’s technical innovation capacity belongs to the Capital region. But in case of Korea, an effort to share such capacity is scarce and it is not taken seriously at the national level agenda unlike China. Korean government should think about where China’s technical competitiveness comes from.

Meanwhile, STEPI continues to do research and cooperate with its counterpart on China’s science and technology innovation. In 2014, STEPI jointly opened STEPI-SAST-SITI global innovation center in Pudong with SAST(Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology) & SITI(Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute). STEPI will lead science technical innovation cooperation with China in the future as well since it keeps its effort to build joint ecosystem for bilateral science technical innovation.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter