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Highlights: S&T Cooperation with Latin America

The STEPI delegation headed by Dr. Jong Guk Song, the President of STEPI visited Latin America from 17th to 28th May 2015 to discuss future cooperation on STI with partner organizations. Many Latin American countries are benchmarking Korea’s economic growth based on STI thus demand for knowledge sharing is ever so increasing. During the visit, MOUs were signed between STEPI and Yachay E.P., Ecuador and CONCYTEC, Peru; a joint seminars were also held to share information particularly Korean experience. In addition, Final Reporting Workshop and Senior Policy Dialogue for 2014 KSP(Knowledge Sharing Program) with El Salvador took place in San Salvador, El Salvador to disseminate final research results on developing national and industrial innovation ecosystem.
MOU signing ceremony and Joint-Seminar with Yachay E.P.

On 20th May, MOU ceremony and joint seminar between STEPI and Yachay E.P. were held in Urcuqui, Ecuador. Yachay is a newly designed city as a “City of Knowledge”; moreover the city itself signifies industrial transition from resource-based economy to knowledge-based economy. Currently, the city is being built where innovation cluster that links industry, academia and research institute will be established. Mr. Hector Rodriguez, the CEO of Yachay E.P. expressed his high hopes for cooperating with STEPI in sharing knowledge and experience from Korea on establishing innovation cluster. Dr. Jong Guk Song, the President of STEPI was impressed by the ambitious plan for Yachay city and he commented that the MOU between two organizations marks the milestone for the special relationship not only on institutional level but also on national level. Mr. Dongho Kim, the Director of Ecuador KOICA office also attended the seminar and delivered congratulatory speech through which he expressed his high expectation on the seminar, through which Korean experience will provide lessons for Ecuador.

In the seminar, participants from STEPI-IICC presented Korean experience on STI policy and development; a topic of interest by Ecuadoran government, particularly the President Correa as he openly benchmarks Korea’s economic growth model based on science and technology. Dr. Chiung Song presented evolution of STI policy whilst Dr. Deok Soon Yim explored S&T park development in Korea. From Yachay E.P., Mr. Hector Rodriguez explained about Ecuadoran STI policy and current development status of Yachay city. Afterwards, discussion session took place where participants actively shared views and opinion on how to develop Yachay city, utilizing Korean development model.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter