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Highlights: S&T Cooperation with Latin America

The STEPI delegation headed by Dr. Jong Guk Song, the President of STEPI visited Latin America from 17th to 28th May 2015 to discuss future cooperation on STI with partner organizations. Many Latin American countries are benchmarking Korea’s economic growth based on STI thus demand for knowledge sharing is ever so increasing. During the visit, MOUs were signed between STEPI and Yachay E.P., Ecuador and CONCYTEC, Peru; a joint seminars were also held to share information particularly Korean experience. In addition, Final Reporting Workshop and Senior Policy Dialogue for 2014 KSP(Knowledge Sharing Program) with El Salvador took place in San Salvador, El Salvador to disseminate final research results on developing national and industrial innovation ecosystem.
MOU signing ceremony and Joint-Seminar with CONCYTEC

On 22nd May, MOU ceremony and joint seminar between STEPI and CONCYTEC were held in Lima, Peru. The relationship between STEPI and CONCYTEC goes back to 2014 when Dr. Gisella Orejda, the Director of CONCYTEC visited STEPI and requested support in establishing STI policy and strengthening policy planning capacity. Based on such demand, MOU agreement was signed between the two organizations; moreover enhanced cooperation is to be expected as the strategic relationship between Korea and Peru has become more concretized through recent visit by President Park Geun Hye to Peru.

Peru seeks after creating value-added economic structure based on technology and the Peruvian government particularly emphasizes the importance of intensifying R&D investment. CONCYTEC as an organization which is responsible for planning national STI policy and R&D investment carries an important role in advancing STI development.

In the seminar, Dr. Chiung Song presented STI policy development in Korea and Dr. Deok Soon Yim presented Korean experience in establishing and managing S&T Park. From CONCYTEC, Dr. Gisella Orjeda demonstrated national STI policy issues in Peru and explained the role of CONCYTEC. In addition, Manuel Cendoya, a consultant from Spain presented strategies for developing Technology Park in Peru. Afterwards, active discussion took place concerning Technology Park plan in Peru and relationship between STI and economic development.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter