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Highlights: S&T Cooperation with Latin America

The STEPI delegation headed by Dr. Jong Guk Song, the President of STEPI visited Latin America from 17th to 28th May 2015 to discuss future cooperation on STI with partner organizations. Many Latin American countries are benchmarking Korea’s economic growth based on STI thus demand for knowledge sharing is ever so increasing. During the visit, MOUs were signed between STEPI and Yachay E.P., Ecuador and CONCYTEC, Peru; a joint seminars were also held to share information particularly Korean experience. In addition, Final Reporting Workshop and Senior Policy Dialogue for 2014 KSP(Knowledge Sharing Program) with El Salvador took place in San Salvador, El Salvador to disseminate final research results on developing national and industrial innovation ecosystem.
2014 KSP with El Salvador: Final Reporting Workshop and Senior Policy Dialogue

From May 23rd to May 29th, 2015, the KSP research team headed by Mr. Kabwon Oh (Senior Advisor, Ex-Commissioner of the Statistics Korea) conducted the Final Reporting Workshop and Senior Policy Dialogue in San Salvador, El Salvador. The Final Reporting Workshop was participated with great enthusiasm and interest by over a hundred stakeholders from the government, industry, universities, and media. It provided a venue to disseminate the final research findings and policy recommendations. In addition, the Advisor to the Vice President, the Minister of Finance, the Vice Minister of Economy and high-level officials from the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Education partook in the Senior Policy Dialogue. They concurred with the policy recommendations that reflected the Salvadoran context and expressed strong will to continue the cooperation to proceed with implementation and to further strengthen the partnership between the two countries.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter