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Highlights: S&T Cooperation with Latin America
Korea-Mexico Joint Workshop on Innovation Capacity Building for Regional Development

On 27th May, Korea-Mexico joint workshop was held. The purpose of this event was to enhance policy capacity for implementing regional innovation strategy through sharing opinions of stakeholders, who are specialized in designing, executing, and evaluating STI policy.

In this workshop, experts from STEPI and CONACYT introduced a series of Korean and Mexican experiences, in turn, with respect to Regional Innovation Strategy (Session 1), Policy Governance for Regional Innovation Strategy (Session 2), and STI Parks for Regional Development (Session 3). In first session, participants investigated principles of Korean and Mexican innovation strategy of their selected regions from a national perspective. In the following session, the experts shared experiences and practices of policy governance in each targeted regions. In the last session, speakers described different approaches to the development and operation of STI parks in each country. Afterwards an in-depth discussion took place to set up directions for future collaborative research.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter