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On September 10th 2015, Science and Technology Policy Institute and Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology and Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute jointly hosted ‘Korea-China S&T Innovation Police Seminar’. The Seminar’s theme was on ‘Management of Technology: The new paradigm of technology commercialization strategy promoted’. Experts in management of technology, technology commercialization from Korea and China gathered together at the seminar. They shared an experience on public technology commercialization and discussed ways to development to promote innovation cooperation between both countries.
In this seminar, experts from both parties presented on the topics such as recent trends on technology management, case studies on industrialization of public technology, models for major industrialization, and profit distribution of technology commercialization. Also, an in-depth discussion on cooperation plan for joint industrialization was followed.
Meanwhile, STEPI has been cooperating with China on the research of Chinese science technology innovation. As part of the cooperation, STEPI jointly opened global innovation center with SAST and SITI. The center puts in considerable efforts on fostering both parties’ joint ecosystem for science technology innovation and it makes us anticipating that STEPI would be the front runner of cooperation on science technology innovation with China in the future.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter