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From 12th to 19th September 2015, researchers at the International Innovation Cooperation (IICC) paid a visit to Islamabad, Pakistan to conduct a study on the establishment of Information Technology Park. As for a counterpart in Pakistan, Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) successfully organized various meetings and visits. During the visit, Minister of the Ministry of Information Technology of Pakistan Madame Anusha Rahman hosted the team and expressed her support in the Information Technology Park establishment. Both sides also discussed ways to enhance capacity of human resources in order to prepare for sustainable work of the park. STEPI-IICC is expected to cooperate with PSEB by providing experiences in the establishment of technology parks in Korea in terms of making of vision, mission and strategies and management plan of the park.

Madam Minister Anusha Rahman of the Ministrty of Information Technology (in the middle) hosted researchers from STEPI-IICC for the establishment of Information Technology Park in Islamabad.

Researchers of STEPI-IICC visited the site of Information Technology Park. Director Infrastructure of PSEB Mr. Nasir Afridi briefed plans and status of the site.

STEPI-IICC Newsletter