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Twenty three Colombians who are the counterparts of the STEPI’s project ‘Establishment of Master Plan for Capacity Building for STI Parks in Colombia’ were invited to take part in the second year of the capacity building program in Korea for the period of 12~26 of September 2015. In continuation of the last year’s program focused on developing STI policy capacity, this year’s program was focused on sharing Korean experience on developing policy and legal frameworks for STI parks and their management and operation.
The program was composed of lectures and presentations, simultaneous workshop, field-visits and breakout group discussions. Lectures were conducted on the following topics: business support programs such as technology transfer and commercialization, technology financing and management and operation of the park. Simultaneous workshop and breakout group discussions provided the participants with the opportunity to brainstorm the management and operation strategy of the park and to make progress on the master plan of their Science and Technology Parks with the Korean counterparts.

Participants visited three Technoparks including Jeju TP, Ulsan TP, and Gyeongbuk TP to meet the managers and operators of the STI parks. Additional visits were made to Rural Development Agency, Jeju Agricultural & Extension Services, Seoul Business Agency, Gyeonggi Science and Technology Program (GSTEP).
As part of the program, a networking event was organized in partnership with ProColombia and the Embassy of Colombia in Seoul to introduce the STI Park initiative in Colombia to the Korean companies and research centers that showed interests on Colombian STI Park.
During the program, Korean experts from STEPI and related organizations and Colombian participants had a valuable opportunity and time to share the experience and to strengthen the cooperation and partnership for the project. In the following months, the team will work on the master plans and the national strategy for completion which would be presented to the Colombian public in February 2016.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter