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Mr. Yang Yaowu, the director of Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Policy (SISTP) visted STEPI to discuss potential areas of cooperation. Dr. Yang Yaowu and Dr. Robbie Tian were particularly interested in building management of technology training program with STEPI to offer to Chinese public official.

Recently, Shanghai introduced ‘Establishing Science Technology Innovation Hub Plan’ in an attempt to develop Shanghai as global city of innovation hub by 2030. The SISTP is making detailed policy and suggesting adequate innovation development system for the city of Shanghai.
The meeting among the experts from both institutes was arranged to share Korean establishment and implementation of innovation development system and to propose suitable policy alternatives for the demand of Shanghai.

Dr. Sungbum Hong, the head of Northeast Asian Project Division of STEPI commented that although Shanghai is leading the Chinese economy, it also has to lead the innovation of China. He pointed out that the collaboration between both institutes can support innovation activities in the China as well as Shanghai.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter