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STEPI-IICC and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Ethiopia (FDRE MOST) hold a Training Workshop for National Science, Technology, Innovation Roadmap in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. The institute and the ministry jointly conducted the workshop from 7 to 9, October 2015 with the participation of a task force, which includes 50 experts from Ethiopia.
Mr. Endalew Mekonen, Director of FDRE MOST Technology Transfer Directorate and his team prepared the workshop in cooperation with STEPI-IICC. On last April, STEPI-IICC had a preparatory meeting with FDRE MOST to deliver basic concept of National Technology Roadmap (NTRM). The training workshop was designed for practicing NTRM in Ethiopia based on the Korean experience.
The task force team was consisted of more than 10 groups according to their field of industry or research and development. Korean experts guided them to develop a technology roadmap as an exercise by providing them questions to identify visions for the future, products to realize the future, and technologies required to produce the goods.
The development of technology roadmap will make the country effectively implement science, technology, and innovation policies to achieve national development goals. The task force team is expected to make Ethiopia technology roadmap with the knowledge learned during the workshop. Korean experts residing in Ethiopia is expected to support the team. STEPI-IICC is also expected to cooperate during the process of the development by providing network of Korean experts in the field.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter