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On October 16th 2015, Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) and Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology (SAST) hosted ‘2015 Korea-China Innovation Cooperation Forum’. The main theme was on looking for a new cooperation model. The experts in science technical innovation and intellectual property from both Korea and China attended the seminar.
<Participants of the 2015 Korea-China Innovation Cooperation Forum>

Session I was given on “A new paradigm of the cooperation: Innovation cooperation” by Hong, Sung Bum, Director of Northeast Asian Project Division of STEPI. Session II was organized on “Development of innovation platform and Korea-China cooperation insight” by Wang, Yu from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

The next session covered health R&D and technology commercialization with Korea-China cooperation by Woo, Ildong, the Director of International Cooperation Office of Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI). In the last session, patent consignment services of small and medium-sized enterprises of China were introduced by Nancy Pan, the Vice President of Goub Group.

<Presenters and Panels of the 2015 Korea-China Innovation Cooperation Forum>
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