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STEPI and Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology Management (SISTM) signed an MoU to promote the cooperation on STI policy and training program. SISTM as a government college founded in 1980 is in charge of training for officers of the S&T department of Shanghai and Ministry of Science and Technology of China. In addition, SISTM takes exclusive charge on education and training project which is targeted to almost 10,000 participants from government, industry, university and institution associated with science technology.
(MoU Signing Ceremony between STEPI and SISTM)

On November 25th, Dr. Jungwon Lee (Vice President of STEPI) and Mr. Jianping Wang (President of SISTM) signed an agreement for cooperation in Shanghai, China. This agreement contains promotion of cooperation, collaborative research, and communication on science technology policy and innovation management by building favorable relationship.

By this agreement, both institutes agreed to cooperate on joint promotion of education programs in the area of science technology policy and innovation management and joint research programs regarding regional science and technology, human resources development on S&T and innovation management. Especially, based on this MoU, STEPI and SISTM will discuss joint promotion plan on Chinese version of Technology and Policy Training Program (TAP).
(Presentation of Dr. Sung Bum Hong of STEPI)

Meanwhile, on 26 November, second meeting of advisory committee of STEPI-SAST-SITI Global Innovation Center was held at Shanghai Industrial Technology Institute (SITI). Four comments below were followed by a presentation on an achievement and business plan of GICS by Dr. Sung Bum Hong, the chief representative of STEPI.
(The 2nd Advisory Committee of GICS)

First, it is highly evaluated that GICS made various achievements in a short period. Second, everyone agreed on the business plan for 2016. Third, following areas are identified for the future cooperation areas: technology transfer, technology commercialization, and technology management training program, research on technology roadmap. Fourth, in order to promote joint research properly, STEPI, SAST and SITI need to realign budget, personnel management, and operation system.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter