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Following the successful outcome of 2014/2015 Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) with El Salvador, the STEPI was selected once again to conduct 2015/16 KSP with El Salvador. As a second phase of KSP, this project aims to provide the implementation plan for innovation ecosystem based on the policy recommendations given for the previous KSP, and national competitiveness program for SMEs.
(Meeting with People from Korean Embassy and KOICA Office in El Salvador)

In order to identify the specific demands of the partner organization, the Ministry of Economy (MINEC) and diagnose the current status of El Salvador, the KSP research team led by the Senior Advisor, Dr. Dong Soo Kim (the former Commissioner of Fair Trade Commission of ROK) visited San Salvador from 5th to 13th December to conduct 1st field study. Mrs. Merlin Barrera, the Vice-Minister of Economy expressed her gratitude to the research team for their efforts in delivering valuable results from the previous KSP; moreover, she made a remark that she has high expectations for this KSP also. Additionally, she commented on the special relationship between Korea and El Salvador as well as the two organizations –the MINEC and the STEPI- and that the project will further strengthen economic ties.
(Wrap-up Meeting with Ministry of Economy (MINEC))
STEPI-IICC Newsletter