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Mr. Aldo Geovanny Villagran Melo joined the visiting researcher program of STEPI-IICC from January 11th to February 3rd, 2016. He is currently working as an expert analyst on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Transfer at the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Yachay, Ecuador.

Please introduce your institution and your specialty briefly.

Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Yachay, the City of Knowledge, seeks to develop the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that encourage the generation of new business, innovative products, and/or higher value-added services in the national and international markets. We work in 7 areas: human talent, innovation, policy and regulatory framework, support and advice, market, culture, financing.

As an analyst as well as an advisor, I am in charge of developing entrepreneurial projects and alliances between the public and private sectors along with offering consulting services for public and private entities. Moreover, I held numbers of managerial positions in both public and private sectors such as the Economic Promotion Agency of Quito, Ministry of Industry and Productivity, Esquel Foundation, Chevrolet Dealer, Pichincha Funds Company. I also provided consulting services for entities such as the Ministry Coordinator of Production, Ministry Coordinator of Heritage, Economic Promotion Agency of Quito, National Finance Corporation, Foundation Catholic Relief Service.


Could you please explain the Yachay?

The city of Yachay is a planned city for technological innovation and knowledge-intensive business. The main purpose of the Yachay is to generate global level high-tech applications, which would be necessary for achieving ideal living conditions via combination of best ideas, human talents and well-designed infrastructure.

Urban zone has been designed to develop research & technological applications that are necessary for achieving good living condition in an innovation ecosystem. Then, it can generate and enhance technology-based ventures. Yachay is administrator of the University Management Model, Technology Park Management Model, Industrial Park Management Model, Special Economic Development Zone (ZEDE) Management Model and City Yachay Management Model.


What did you expect to learn from the visit and how has your experience been at STEPI-IICC?

The visit and the study I have experienced at STEPI-IICC as well as at numbers of related institutions in Korea were undoubtedly fruitful as I aimed to learn two areas from the visit:

1) Development of appropriate and efficient business models which ultimately generate self-management and economic sustainability for nascent incubator of Yachay

2) Methodology incubation to assess, monitor, train and develop the necessary activities in order to achieve the entrepreneur who enters the incubation process


What are the potential areas of cooperation between STEPI – Yachay?

The unusually rapid but successful growth of Korean economy based on STI is well recognized in many developing countries. In addition, the close partnership and active cooperation between Korea and Ecuador are witnessed by numbers of activities including the Master Plan of Yachay developed by Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ).

Several potential areas of cooperation between STEPI and Yachay would be: 1) advice on the implementation of public policies for innovation and entrepreneurship 2) policy development in order to build and strengthen technological and industrial parks in Ecuador 3) strengthening the team of the Department of Parks Yachay 4) development of a management model for business and Technology Park Yachay.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter