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El Salvador: Final Reporting Workshop and Senior Policy Dialogue
The 2015/2016 KSP with El Salvador research team visited San Salvador (El Salvador) from May 7th to 16th to conduct Final Reporting Workshop and Senior Policy Dialogue. The Final Reporting Workshop was held on May 11th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Mr. Tharsis Salmon Lopez, the Minister of Economy of El Salvador delivered an opening speech and expressed his sincere appreciation to the KSP research team for providing important policy implications to the Salvadoran government regarding the development of national and industrial innovation ecosystem. More than 100 participants from the government, universities and industries attended the workshop where the research team presented final research results, and active discussion session took place after the presentations.


The Senior Policy Dialogue took place the day after the final reporting workshop at the same venue, where the team and the Ministry of Economy, Banco Hiopitecario (Mortgage Bank), BANDESAL (the Development Bank of El Salvador) and PROESA (El Salvador Export Promotion Agency) shared this year’s KSP results and discussed about the future cooperation with the Korean government. Mrs. Nora Miranda de Lopez, the President of Banco Hipotecario, who also participated in the Interim Reporting Workshop and Policy Practitioners’ Workshop held in April in Seoul, again expressed her thanks for arranging a meeting with Korean Exim Bank which led to a successful working-level meeting in San Salvador between two parties regarding microcredit and changing old buses.

Furthermore, the Salvadoran government demonstrated its high dedication and willingness to cooperate with the Korean government. In response to this, Mr. Dong Soo Kim – the Senior Advisor for the KSP project and Former Commissioner of Fair Trade – explained about process and structure of ODA program in Korea. In return, the Minister of Economy delivered his gratitude to the team for their help in organizing such meaningful meetings. He further commented on the special relationship between El Salvador and Korea, which is growing ever so closely with the negotiation of Korea-SICA FTA. In addition, Mrs. Merlin Barrera, the Vice-Minister, stated that every point discussed at the dialogue will be presented to the Minister of Finance and the President’s Technical Secretary. Then, the Ministry of Economy will also continue its close collaboration with the Embassy of Korea in El Salvador.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter