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STI Cooperation Korea-El Salvador
사진Merlin Alejandrina Barrera
Vice Minister
Trade and Industry
Ministry of Economy
El Salvador

Since 2015 El Salvador has been benefited with the Knowledge Sharing Program of Korea (KSP) with El Salvador, which is promoted by the Korean Development Institute (KDI) and carried out by the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI). Under this program, two main projects have been carried out through STEPI, the first one was “Policy Consultation on Innovation Ecosystem at the National & Industrial Level: Plastic, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics and Textile Industry” and the second was aimed to provide a plan for development recommendations that arise from the first project.

We have had a great experience working with STEPI, and we would like to share the outcomes. The first KSP project got the attention and support from the highest government officials in our country, mostly because Korea’s development experience and the economic and social similarities that we share with Korea’s early development stage during the 50s and 60s. The outcomes have helped and inspired us in the government to establish and believe in our vision for the future, setting out long term goals for our public policy, especially for the National Policy for Development, Diversification and Productive Transformation (Política Nacional de Fomento, Diversificación y Transformación Productiva, PNFDTP).

In this sense we have learned through STEPI, how Korea build up their vision, how they established their works in strategic sectors, their technological and innovation centers, their university education and plans, the works in labor standards, and the way to financing firms, all integrated in public policy. This wide view has helped us to place and set practical sense in our 2030 strategy for development, with roadmaps and goals for the future which we as a country, have a strong commitment to develop.

As proof of this, and meeting the recommendations made in the first KSP project to support industry in a sector way, our Ministry is already developing this project and is in the process of creating specialized sector units to serve sectors under this mentioned policy. It also has been presented to the Technical Secretary under Presidency of the Republic and is presenting progress through our Innovation and Quality Department from our Ministry of Economy to the Economic Committee which is the body of all Ministers of our government and those sector units are being integrated to the Committee of the Law on the Promotion of Production (Ley de Fomento a la Producción), which is made up of personnel belonging to public, private and academic sector representatives to raise competitiveness of industry.

Also a part of this cooperation from STEPI, we have been able to handle high level meetings with key Institutions in Korea that will enable closer communication and potential direct cooperation to develop projects aimed to improve our innovation ecosystem and economy; within this help, we have had the opportunity to handle meeting and contacts with appropriate financial institutions such as EXIM Bank and KOICA, as well as several knowledge and technical institutions that we expect to have direct technical cooperation.

In general terms we have been receiving STI Cooperation through Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) with El Salvador by means of KDI and STEPI, and we can call that it has been magnificent.

STEPI-IICC Newsletter