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2nd International Conference on STI and Development

The importance of capacity in science, technology and innovation (STI) is growingly emphasized as a contributing factor to accelerate socioeconomic development of a country. STI capacity building is being recognized as a critical area for development cooperation to address various development challenges based on partnership.

This year’s STI and Development International Conference will cover the theme of Innovation for Shared Prosperity: Addressing Development challenges through STI Capacity Building. It will examine the enabling conditions for STI capacity building and review the policy tools to bolster STI capacity building. Then, the role of various innovation actors, who are involved in STI capacity building, will be explored. Lastly, the development challenges that have been and are being overcome through STI capacity building will be considered.

International conference on STI and Development 2016 will provide a meaningful platform to bring together various stakeholders for mutual learning experience to exchange information, experience and lessons sharing, and network building. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to share the realities of fostering STI capacity to overcome development challenges and linking it with the academic research in the area with the aim of developing concrete and specific strategies bring together STI capacity building and development cooperation for its effective and efficient implementation to achieve the goal of pursuing sustainable and inclusive development.

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STEPI-IICC Newsletter