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The 9th Science & Technology ODA Forum
As the STEPI-IICC hosted quarterly event that provides a venue to discuss current issues of S&T, the 9th Science and Technology (S&T) ODA Forum was held on October 25th 2016 with the theme of “Global Cooperation Strategy in S&T for the Great Leap Forward of Korea’s Economy.”


The forum began with a presentation by Dr. Johng-Ihl Lee, a professor and director of university planning and operations at SUNY Korea. He mentioned that in the wake of global financial crisis, the world has experienced a long-term economic recession. With such a background, Korea is one of the countries that is now facing economic downturn with large drops in its global trade. In order to overcome the current situation, he proposed the so-called ABC strategy: Accept what cannot be changed, Build based on what we have and Changes indispensable to survival. Moreover, he added, “Global science and technology cooperation needs to be transformed from performance-oriented to long-term and structural, enjoys shared prosperity through technology transfer, and shares Korea’s development experiences with developing countries.”

Dr. Jong Keun Sun, a professor at Chonbuk National University introduced the agricultural ODA project in Uganda afterwards. Chonbuk National University has started an academic collaboration program with Makerere University in Uganda. This Master’s degree course focuses on providing practical training in the fields of piggery, rice and dairy industrial wide farming. The collaboration between the two universities not only gives Uganda an opportunity to stimulate economic growth but also Korea to build up a solid foundation for exporting agricultural products and expanding into overseas markets.

During the discussion the participants shared their experiences with respect to S&T ODA and emphasized the important role of S&T cooperation in national economic development.

The 10th Science & Technology ODA Forum will be scheduled to be held on November 30th 2016 at the National Assembly.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter