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STEPI-Yachay E.P. Collaborative Project - Local Workshop
Last September, both STEPI and Yachay E.P. project team agreed to develop a collaborative project, which would provide policy consultation on establishing a national R&D program and IT Park as a long-term development strategy for Yachay. As a follow-up stage, the STEPI research team visited Quito and Yachay, Ecuador from the 4th to the 11th February in order to hold a local workshop and conduct additional field study.


The STEPI team conducted interviews with the representatives of two IT companies located in Quito. The main purpose of interviews was to explain about the concept of IT Park and identify requirements of relocating company if IT Park would be established in Yachay. Moreover, the team was able to meet with social innovation specialists from the SENESCYT (the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation) and discuss about the importance of developing a long-term plan in order to secure sustainability and accelerate the performance of Yachay. As a policy maker, the SENESCYT expressed a great interest in the consultation topics and agreed that effective STI policy measures should be developed not only to support Yachay but also to enhance STI capacity on national level.

At the local workshop, the research team presented draft results of the two consultation topics: for the national R&D program, mainly Korean experience was introduced such as the inception of specific R&D program, the establishment of law and institution, and key programs implemented by the government. For the IT Park, the Pakistani case was suggested as a reference for Yachay. In addition, best practices of the Korean triple helix model were presented, providing important implications for Yachay regarding cooperation between university and regional industries.
STEPI-IICC Newsletter